Santino 70 Pizza Oven

The Versatile, Everyday Oven

Enjoy the performance of a luxury wood fired oven without the luxury price tag. Powerful, compact, and versatile, the Santino is an ideal oven for intimate patios, downtown balcony oases, and entertainment spaces where bulkier ovens just won’t fit. But don’t let its modest footprint fool you: this pizza oven is a workhorse in disguise. Host a summer party complete with fresh, aromatic Margherita pizzas, or take the chill out of wintery months with wood-fired roasts. You can even grab a cast iron pan to bake a rich and gooey dessert. Purchasing your Santino will bring family and friends together any time you light the fire.  all over the world.

World Class Performance

2.5” Thick Dome
The 2.5” dome is the thickest on the market and is built for optimal heat storage and efficiency. With a range from 200°–1000° F, the Santino can bake everything from fresh bread to pizza, done in just 60–90 seconds!

Hemispherical Design
The Tuscan style, hemispherical dome of the Forno Santino makes it incredibly versatile. A taller dome allows you the opportunity to roast larger foods (whole chicken, turkey, pork shoulder, etc.) inside your wood fired oven.

2” Firebrick Floor

The oven floor is made from 2” firebrick, ideal for high-temp cooking. This extra-thick floor means you’ll have enough heat to cook dozens of pizzas back-to-back, without losing critical heat.


High-quality performance and world-class customer service have been the driving force for Forno Piombo pizza ovens since the beginning.

The company was founded in 2014 by father/son team Guy and Tony Piombo, and their motto has not changed since day 1; “Build the best pizza ovens in the world and treat our customers like family”.

This ethos has helped elevate Forno Piombo products and brand to be recognized as an industry leader, with ovens located in homes and restaurants all over the world.


Forno Piombo ovens have proven themselves over the years to be the most dependable and best-performing pizza ovens on the market. We will back up your purchase against any kind of defect under normal usage for the length of your warranty. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and if you have any defective components in your oven, we will replace them quickly and efficiently at no cost to you. Click the button below to read more.